Tiktok becomes the most downloaded app

Tik Tok
Tiktok holds the record for the most downloaded app in the US, overtaking Facebook and Instagram, according to an app analytics company called Sensor Tower, in January, Americans collected it from the Google Play Store and iPhone Store.  Has downloaded 7.7 million times.  This was 23.8 times more than the downloads in January last year.  Disney Plus named after Tiktok which has received 6.8 million downloads.  This app will be launched in India in the coming months, as far as Facebook Messenger and Instagram are concerned, then these two apps, which are always ahead in terms of downloads, have fallen behind this time and have come at number three and fourth respectively.  Tiktok videos are well liked and shared.  The insanity of this app is seen in people of all ages from youth.  Its craze is also increasing in America.

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